Comedy in NYC!

Saw Chappelle with this fella last night. I consider myself lucky to have seen Chappelle work out material at the Store quite a few months back, and even luckier to witness his polished material last night. It was hilarious, at moments challenging, but he always brought it full circle. He really is one of the greats, if not the best working comedian at this moment and time. If you leave a comedy show and can't remember what that comedian's point was, they're not doing their job right. I say this as a performer who needed to be reminded to do better. Last night I was certainly reminded. And yes, I did pick a picture where my child's eyes were closed, but I looked decent...because you know, shallow comedian for me. 👈

Also, I wanna throw a huge shout-out to Neal Brennan and Donnell Rawlings. They absolutely deserved their time on the Radio City Music Hall stage, and did not disappoint. Christ, I love comedians!

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